Can we only really change through consistency?

Interesting concept, don’t you think?

Let’s go ahead and tackle the last on our list of relationships, which is actually the first in importance: Relationships with our God, with our family, with our fellowmen, and with ourselves.

Perhaps the first and most obvious question would be to ask what does it really mean to have a relationship with God?clouds4

Probably billions and billions of answers to that soul searching query.

I can with certainty only offer one, and that would be mine. Continue reading Can we only really change through consistency?

Family by chance, friends by choice

facingthesunAugust 28 we did a post where we reflected on an opportunity Ann and I had to talk about important relationships in our life: With God, with our family, with our fellowmen, and with ourselves. On that day we dove into the last one and asked if we really do like ourselves.

boys-on-swingThen on September 8 we worked backward on the list and underscored the importance of liking ourselves enough to be able to really like those around us.

Should we take the plunge and talk about those we just can’t get rid of, no matter how hard we try? Continue reading Family by chance, friends by choice

Battling being between

We were visiting with some good friends about a week or so ago. She has been fighting a pretty tough battle with leukemia for years. Gratefully, things right now are looking positive. Probably better than they have in a long time.bicycle

She talked about trying to reclaim a bit of her life by reintroducing activities long ago forgotten. One is riding a bike. Her plan is to set the bike up in the house on a stand to work her way up to embarking in the great outdoors.

The conversation worked around to the subject of disability. I was kind of surprised to hear her express a concern that I have been fighting for a long time. She mentioned that while on disability she feels guilty if she ever has a good day, or feels better and closer to normal than not.

First of all, I have always felt like I must be a lazy person if I’m on disability. Secondly, if I have a day when I don’t feel rotten, then I think I had better get back to work – and quickly.

But of course then the next day comes and I kind of hit my head in a “Duh, this is why we’re on the disability.”

It brings up an interesting dilemma. Continue reading Battling being between

Can we stand for something without stomping on others?

Battles are being fought every day in every country of the world. In some places the battles are armed combat and people are losing their lives. In other places it is a war of words and ideologies. I wonder if in these conflicts we aren’t slowly losing part of our humanity and decency. Perhaps the most difficult battles are being waged from within. These personal, private clashes with ourselves as we try to overcome what comes naturally and replace it with how we choose to be will affect body, mind and spirit.soldier

Whether or not we realize it, each day we wake up and enter the fight.

Whether we want to or not.

Following the counsel of leaders I trust implicitly, I try to remain informed on what is happening around me.

I guess that would also mean being informed on what is happening around you as well.

newspaperWith so many important things going on around us, there are bound to be a variety of opinions and viewpoints. I think that is appropriate. We aren’t robots simply following orders (history has proven how devastating that can be), but rather unique individuals who bring past experiences to the table and see things from different directions.

While watching the news or reading the paper this last week I was struck solidly with the understanding that the days of neutrality are gone. I’m not sure how Switzerland feels about that, but the time has come that even they must choose one side or the other.

Why? Continue reading Can we stand for something without stomping on others?

Choosing humility over humiliation

From time to time I am given the opportunity to try and contribute what I can to our Sunday worship services. Sometimes it may be through a few spoken words that hopefully help others along their path as I work my way along my own. Sometimes I try to share a message and feelings through

Yesterday I had just such an opportunity.

A wonderful family friend is preparing to leave for 18 months to serve a mission, giving of herself completely to doing all she can to bring happiness and peace to our earthly brothers and sisters. I felt that perhaps the hymn “God Be with You ‘Till We Meet Again” would be the right message.

After the meeting was over, I immediately left the chapel and with pen and paper began a letter to our son Nick. There had been some pretty powerful lessons taught and learned that I wanted to share with him.

Maybe I’ll share them with you as well. Continue reading Choosing humility over humiliation