We must make sure this never happens again. How?

More deadly attacks last week. News commentaries expressed some of the following:

gunsThese are such senseless shootings.

Will this mean that Canada will withdraw support for combating ISIL?

What were the mistakes made that allowed such a thing to happen?

Are jihadists infiltrating every nation? 

We must make sure this never happens again.

All of these are reasonable statements and questions. Seeing those killed while defending what should be symbols of democracy, freedom, and most of all hope in the future is a tragedy that sickens everyone.

Well, almost everyone.earth

There are those around the globe who probably feel that this was, in some demented and twisted line of reasoning, a good thing.

Most human beings look at this mindset in bewilderment. It is so illogical and irrational to believe that storming into facilities guarded by courageous men and women whose singular intention is to serve and protect would somehow further their cause.

Or be a victory.

Or demonstrate to the enemy how powerless they really are against this form of terror.

Since we are the “enemy”, it would be reasonable to just wonder where our level of power is in this global confrontation and struggle for control.

crowdKind of ironic. Terrorism always seems to build unity and strength in those targeted and attacked. Political foes rise up together and pass immediate legislation to tighten laws to prevent just such an occurrence in the future. If anything, the terrorists’ actions only seem to fortify their targets, not weaken them.

If they were truly crafty, they would probably just leave us alone and let us continue to fight each other from within. We have the greatest capacity to destroy ourselves, much more than any outside force.

So, in effect, their actions actually increase our true power through focusing our energy.

Where do we focus that power?

As badly as we want to stop them in their tracks and make the world a safe place for all, we simply can’t.

For that to happen, we would have to take away their freedom of choice.

Of course, any rational person would agree that our way of thinking is right and theirs is wrong.

And we have the liberty to think that.

But we don’t have the liberty to force them to think that.

If past performance is any indicator, what we will do is find more ways to restrict and restrain. Since we can’t force them to think our way, we’ll find other ways to force them into submission.boxer

It reminds me of a “my dad is bigger than your dad” kind of thing.

The problem with that is that someone else’s dad is ALWAYS bigger. There is no way to ensure that we have the biggest dad on the block. Or in the world, as the case may be.

So, back to our original question: How do we make sure that something like this never happens again?

I’m just not sure that we can.

Because they will always have their freedom to think and believe as they choose.

And right now they aren’t choosing peace and freedom for all.

Of course, we keep fighting evil. It would be ludicrous to just lie down and wait for them to run over the top of us.mob

But in our zeal to fight the enemy, are we just joining in the mobs that are trampling over others?

Where, in fact, does our power lay?

Within ourselves.

Our power is in our reactions, our proactive movements, and in our true motives.

If our reaction is “By damn, we’ll blow them off the face of the earth” then we ourselves have become what we are fighting.

If our proactive movements are in moving closer and closer toward a police state or martial law, then we trade freedom for fear.

So as we continue to fight the forces of evil that truly would mow us down today if they could, we have the power to choose our weapons.warrior

The best weapon is one that helps the enemy to change their own mind instead of being forced to change.

It’s human nature to fight something that we are forcefully told to do. But we will always champion something that we have chosen for ourselves.

Now there’s power.

I would guess that you have realized by now that this is about more than just the battle with ISIL. There are many, many battles going on all around us, all part of the war for what matters most – who we are as human beings.

The time has come that there can be no fence sitters anymore. All of us are in the battle, whether we really want to be or not.fence

How many casualties can we prevent?

You are a powerful being. Choose your weapons wisely.


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