Where is the front line in the battle of good and evil?

Like many of you, our family has kept up with the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit stories, told both through literature as well as film.

In each segment of the tale, there are these incredible battle scenes. The numbers of the foe seem as countless as the sands of the sea.???????????????????????????????

At first, I always thought how fanciful this was. How on earth could there be armies that large?

But as I finish up reading in The Book of Mormon again I am reminded that millions fought, and millions died.

And not just once. This was repeated.

Not so fanciful anymore. In fact, soberingly real.

This may be how people imagine Armageddon; that great and last battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil.

But instead of millions, there will be billions.

gunsI know that I can’t begin to comprehend such a devastating fight with never-ending pain and destruction.

However, no need to despair, all is not hopeless. We have been assured which side will win; we have only to choose which of the two sides we will stand with.

You may be like me and have pondered from time to time how things will be as this final dispensation comes to a close.

Will it be like the playground and we choose teams through the process of elimination, hoping we aren’t picked last?

Will it be like the draft, where we go to register and wait to be called up?objectors

If that be the case, will there be draft dodgers? Those conscientious objectors who believe that things should be solved through discussion and diplomacy?

Will it be filled with highly-trained soldiers of war, people actually looking forward to a good fight?

Who knows exactly how it will be.

We only know that it will, in fact, be.

protestI worry, though, that we are treating it like we do our current battles and discord across the globe. We are content to let our leaders, our trained military, and other forces do the actual fighting. We may organize a protest or support a social media campaign expressing our indignation at how the battle is being fought inhumanely, but that may be the extent of our involvement.

After all, we have our own lives that keep us incredibly busy.

Maybe too busy.

The truth is that the battle has already begun.

It has been going on for quite some time now.

You may ask where the front line is located. You may gallantly stand up and say that if someone will just show you where to fight, you will join in and never look back.earth

But there is no single front line.

There are billions.

Pretty much the same number as there are people on the planet.

Each of us has already been enlisted, our training ongoing. Hopefully our strength is growing each day with more reinforcements joining those in the trenches.

There may be days when it does not feel like that.

There may be days when we actually feel that we are losing.

But if we want to be aligned with the winning side, we must keep trying.

Because in this battle there will be no conscientious objectors.

We know that when we try to go it alone and rely on our own wits and strength, things aren’t going to turn out very well in the end.

So, we place our lives in His hands and move forward with His guidance, His wisdom, His strength.???????????????????????????????

What we can do in return is present our hands to be at His disposal to do with as He sees fit.

These are the individual battle fronts that we must conquer each day.

Fear to be conquered by faith.

Apathy to be conquered by hope.

Anger to be conquered by love.

One battle front at a time.

Choose to give Him your hands, because He will never let you out of His.


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