… and then what?

Watching current world events unfold sometimes leaves me with a kink in my neck. You know the kind you get when watching a fast tennis match, or a game of ping pong? Each side lobbing, or hurling, or firing a return volley as quickly as they can reload.

The thought process seems to be the need to demonstrate and enforce our superiority over the opposition.

The Israelis and the Palestinians.

Radical jihadists and pro-democracy forces.

The president and congress.

Cuban diplomatic talks and a Russian spy ship.

I think we could argue all day about the larger world conflicts and what we see as the best solution and just how they should be implemented.question mark3

… and then what?

For example, while Ann and I were driving to Salt Lake she had an incredibly insightful and simple solution to the forecasted sharp rise in gasoline after OPEC has driven the shale oil companies here out of business.

She suggested that the government enforce heavy embargos and fees on foreign oil, and then forward those revenues to the domestic energy producers to keep them going.

It was brilliant.

I kept wondering how we could get this incredible idea out there. How can we get it to someone who can make a difference?

This could change the world.

My smile faded a bit as I paused and wondered:question mark3

…and then what?

What are the real reasons for the change in gas prices? What would be the unseen victims of such a law?

Would the American people actually be willing to pay a little more for fuel than the rest of the world in order to solidify this independence?

After seeing a report that with the drop in gas prices, the sales of SUV’s has risen, would indicate that they wouldn’t.

You’d think we would learn, wouldn’t you?

Ah. We all know better than that.

We want what we want and we want it now.question mark3

… and then what?

Someone down the road will figure it out.

Pretty soon we are going to run out of road.

Do we have any control on how and when and where that road ends?


As we look at situations and develop solutions, we have to also solve what happens when we run out of gas, so to speak.

It’s acknowledging the natural consequence that will surely follow. But if we want to choose our consequence, we have to choose the action that will bring it.

Kind of like working backward from the end to the beginning.

I know that looking at my final destination is the way I gauge my current decisions. I know where I want to be, and with whom I want to be.

The question is, will what I do today get me there? Or, will it send me in another direction?

You know, stopping to ponder:question mark3

…and then what?

I’m fairly certain that I will not have an idea or solution that will change the world. Not little old me.

If we are honest with ourselves, the world-changing truths are already known. There is nothing that can be introduced that hasn’t already been taught, and tried, and proven.

We have just chosen to become blind to what we know works. Instead, we just keep trying things that time and time again don’t work. They will never work.

Like insisting how others need to change. Or demanding they change. Or terrorizing them into change. Or even just killing all who won’t change.

But that really isn’t a change at all. We’ve already been doing it for centuries.

But what can I do? I’m just one person.

So are you.

Can we truly change the world?

I think we can.

I choose where I want to end up. Then I choose the road that will get me there. In the process, I am changing myself.

I’m becoming a better self. A happier self.

Who doesn’t want that?

To change the world, we change ourselves and show how living with these changes has made our life better.question mark3

… and then what?

Others begin to change themselves too. They become better. Happier.

… and then what?

The world and all of its inhabitants are better for it.



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  1. I vote for Ann. This oil price chicanery is devastating Vernal’s economy. As you know, there are quite a few Batty families out there largely dependent on the oil/gas patch for their living. Last month there were 8 drilling rigs running full gallop. This month there are zero. Jobs are lost, houses headed for foreclosure. Looks grim.

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