We really do end where we begin

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Why do we pray?

The other night Ann and I were talking about things that are really important to us – you know, the things for which we choose to give our lives.

The things we pray intently for, about, and over.


My days have become a kind of a running dialogue with Heaven: gratitude; people we care about; our leaders; increased faith and charity.

There are as many things to pray about as I have breaths.

However, I would be willing to bet that each of us has a very personal, very important list of things we pray for continuously; a list of things that are always in our minds and our hearts.

        (Source: LDS Media Library)

My list has whittled itself down to three: Specific blessings for Ann, specific blessings for Alex, and specific blessings for Nick.

My family.

In reality, the rest of the concerns of life are just stuff that we can figure out a way through. We, of course, pray over those other things and exert our faith; but, for me, these three are my innermost aching desires for which I will always plead to Heaven.

Pleading that I will have the wisdom to match my will to that of our Father; pleading to increase my faith that these blessings will indeed become reality, and pleading for enough love to do the work to make them happen.

I pray for miracles.

The Bible Dictionary states “Miracles should not be regarded as deviations from the ordinary course of nature so much as manifestations of divine or spiritual power.”

clouds4Divine intervention.

Heavenly help that will put actions in motion that will change what might have been to what can be.

What will be.

Together with Ann, Alex and Nick we have proven, time and time again, the power of prayer. I can’t think of a prayer that has not been answered. I have absolutely no doubt that each sincere expression of both gratitude and the need for guidance is heard.

There simply have been too many miracles to think any other way.

Too many manifestations of divine power.


(Source: LDS Media Library)

Not only does it humble me at how much better things are than how they might have been, or fill me with hope of what we truly understand can be, but grants me clear awareness of just what is.

Just how good today is.

It’s because of our family that I pray.

Perhaps this is a good place to officially end the series on the family; although we all know that I will continue to include the fundamental foundation the family plays in just about every decision, every action, every outcome.

conversation3Because I have learned that in all the things that really matter to me, it always comes back to family, and the relationships created therein.

I am a child.

I am a youth with siblings.

I am into adulthood as a husband.

I am working into old age as a parent, grandparent, and so on.

I can be all at the same time.

I am.

I always will be.

And so you see, I really will end where I begin.

As a member of my family.

jesus christ baptismHow can this be so?

Because of God, my Father; Jesus Christ, my Brother; and the gift of the Holy Ghost, my friend.

                      (Source: LDS Media Library)

It’s because of this divinely-involved family that I am able to pray, that I am able to witness miracles, that I have a life that is complete with hope.

Have you been able to prove the power of prayer in your life?

Just a word of advice: it’s all the more real when done together as a family.

 family prayer(Source: LDS Media Library)

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