Is the party over… or just beginning?

One billion dollars.

The current price tag of getting elected as president of the United States is one billion dollars.

Something is seriously wrong.

dollar sign

For a while I was naïve enough to believe that the candidates set up their own platform on specific problems with corresponding solutions. Then our job was to read up on each candidate’s history, viewpoints, and vision for the future and then make our choice.

If only.

I’ve come to understand that we don’t elect a public official anymore.

We elect a political party.

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Could education be the great equalizer?

I was born in a home where my biological parents were married, all my siblings lived with us, my father was a university professor and my mom stayed at home until I graduated from high school. She volunteered in the schools and my dad helped with tricky math problems.

Ann and I each graduated from the university. Alex is finishing up her master’s degree and Nick is headed for medical school.

nurseEducation has been a fundamental priority all of our lives.

There are many roads to take to get an education; some find the university the right fit, others will excel at tech training and trade schools, others will take specialized courses preparing them for a field that interests them, still others will take advantage of work programs and apprenticeships.

mechanicThere is a place for everyone to make their difference in the world.

The American dream?

Quite possibly.


But what about a child who is born to a single-parent without a GED and sporadic employment?

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To doubt or not to doubt – is that really the question?

Doubt: A feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction.

Have we gotten to the point in society that to doubt is synonymous with being wishy washy?

When was the last time we heard someone say “I’m just not sure about that; I need to think about it some more”.

Maybe here and there in private, but very rarely in public.confident

Especially if it is someone who wants to be seen as knowing what they are doing.

Well, let me say right off the bat that I am someone who, for the most part, has no idea what I am doing.

That’s okay.

I’d rather be someone who is learning and growing and changing. I’m not sure that I will ever “arrive”; rather, I’ll just keep plugging along.

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Facing irrationality rationally

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For most of my life I have watched some of the things that people do and wondered out loud “Were they dropped on their head as a child?”

You know who I mean:

The man who regularly cheats on his wife, but then is furious when she strays.

The person who embezzles and then blames the one who discovers the fraud for ruining his life.

The thief who orders the bank manager at gunpoint to go into the safe and bring him all “his” money.

arguing2The bully who repeatedly tells his victims “you made me do this, it’s all your fault”.    

The religious fanatic who, in the name of God, commits a myriad of atrocities.

And politics… oh my, where do we begin?

I’ve had many private soliloquies over the years of how I would rationally discuss each situation, pointing out what must be so painfully obvious to any sane person.

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Do I want what I want?  

The heart wants what the heart wants.

But what happens when we don’t want to want what our heart wants?

Ann and I watched a show a few nights ago that was set in the 1960s in England. Long story short, a young couple was about to go through the birth of their first child together. They had a good life and loved each

However, the young husband was arrested for indecency with another young man in a public restroom. He was given the choice of going to prison or taking hormone therapy to decrease his levels of testosterone.

His wife demanded that he take the therapy so that they could put this behind them and get on with their lives. He loved his wife and desired to be a good father. I may be naïve, but my impression was that he sincerely wanted to do what he felt was right and return to his place in his family.

But the only way he would be allowed to do so was to go through something that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. The side effects of the medication were their own prison sentence.

While discussing the show afterward, we again reiterated that for so long society has taken an all-or-nothing approach when it comes to homosexuality.

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