Understanding what we stand for

I firmly believe in standing firmly for what I believe (try saying that fast 10 times).

But, even if it sounds cliché, I do believe it is a responsibility that falls on each of us. And, if each of us is true to our principles, the world would be a better place.


Probably not.

Is the problem that the majority of people simply choose to not stand up for what they believe to be right?

warriorOr is the problem that we have many different definitions of what is right and what is wrong? And if that is the case, is being right simply a matter of NOT being wrong?

You know, the whole “sins of commission vs. sins of omission” thing.

I wonder if in our zeal to stamp out all that is wrong, we are forgetting to do what is right.

We can all look back at the Sanhedrin 2000 years ago and unitedly condemn their self-righteousness. It seems so obvious how far they had fallen off the path.

Enough to crucify the very Man who had come to save them.

Before we cast a stone, we should take a moment and wonder what people will look back 1000 years from now and say about us.

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When a child chooses differently

It’s inevitable in every life.

There comes a time for each individual when they see the world a little differently than their parents. There are many varied reasons this happens.

Sometimes a child experiences something that a parent hasn’t, and the parent can’t see the value in the new understanding.

Sometimes a child has not yet experienced something that a parent has, and the child can’t see the value in the old understanding.

At any rate, a disconnect is formed between personal visions of the future.

family7For a time in a family, it is appropriate that parents choose for their children. That is our responsibility as parents.

Until it becomes theirs.

                   (Source: LDS Media Library)

It’s a necessary journey we all must take as we accept responsibility for our choices.

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No matter what, keep pushing

Okay, I’ll just come out and say that it’s been a rough week and a half. Life is a delicate balance of keeping the physical moving to help minimize the mental zooming to help maintain emotions on an even keel. Both the high highs and the low lows can be exhausting.

When one of these gets off kilter, the rest quickly spiral out of control.

Phew, right?

Sometimes I wonder if it is really worth it to try to get back in balance.

How about you? I would imagine that each of you can nod your head and say “oh yeah, brother, I know just what you are talking about.”

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We’ve already crossed that bridge

A few days ago we talked about my tendency to cross bridges long before they have been built.

You know, that anxious ability to live bad things before they ever happen, if they ever happen.

But what about the bad things that have already happened?

I firmly testify that Heavenly Father can and has taken tough experiences and brought out blessings before unimagined.

I testify that He will continue to do so.

Ever heard of Coumadin Failure?

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