Being a parent makes us better children

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Once upon a time there was a married couple who was excitedly anticipating the arrival of their first child. The nursery had been prepared months ago and the shelves were stocked with environmentally friendly diapers. They had attended all the birthing and new parent classes and felt ready to tackle this fresh adventure.

prayer5In the evenings they cuddled together on the couch and shared with each other how they imagined their life would be. They tumbled over each other’s sentences in their excitement of what was to come; sometimes agreeing and other times not. That was okay, they would figure it out together.

Kneeling as one at bedtime they marveled at just how wonderful their life was.

I think that many of us have been in this couple’s situation. Some may have been there just last year; others, a generation ago.

I remember in my naiveté that I had been so sure that our children would come out potty trained. My strong will had always formed situations to match my desired results.

Little did I realize that these small beings would come with incredibly strong wills of their own, only to be matched by their ability to fill a diaper at the most inopportune moments.

Even though we feel it was just a few years ago, Ann and I somehow blinked and now find that we have one child in Peru and another ready to leave for England.

How on earth did that happen?

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To those the mentally ill have left behind…

A family member experienced the suicide of his son in the last few weeks. Sam was bright and energetic and accomplished.

And he was bipolar.



It made me think of all the loved ones left behind after such a devastating tragedy, trying to make sense of the insensible. Sometimes they wonder what was going through the mind of the mentally ill that would lead to such a drastic and irreversible action, yet feeling they may never know.


Maybe I can help bridge that chasm a bit with what has gone, and continues to go, through my mind.

I’ll try and speak up for Sam.

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Just hit respond, or take time to ponder?

A good relationship shares thoughts and ideas. A great relationship will afford safety in sharing thoughts and ideas that differ and challenge thinking. This keeps us all from growing complacent and only numbly nodding our heads when someone says something.

A friend initiated an email chain after one of our postings.

She had read the blog and wanted to let me know where she disagreed with me. I think that she had read my thoughts when she was tired, and then possibly even more tired when she responded.


I exist in a semi-comatose state, so I’m always tired when I respond.  I’m not sure I can use that as an excuse for how preachy and self-righteous I was, but I’ll claim it anyway.

After reading and then responding, I was stewing all day. I carried on many conversations with my imaginary psychotic little friends, proving my point again and again. I knew that any reasonable and rational person could see my point.

How could she be so stupid?

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