Misinformation and the mob mentality

Thanks for sticking with us as we try to wade our way through some pretty important issues. I certainly have neither credibility nor ability to tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing.

What I do have is a testimony of what truly matters, and the desire to simply share it in the hopes that it can make a difference to someone here and there.

I guess when we think about it, that’s what each of us seeks to accomplish with our life. You know, changing our own little corner of the world.

Last night we watched “The Saratov Approach” again. This is one of the best films I’ve seen and should be a staple in everyone’s library. It is also available on Netflix live streaming. This movie is able to communicate beautifully what I’m trying to say today. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend doing so.

supreme-courtSo back to my jumbled thoughts.

What are we to do when we see rapid changes in legislation that tear at the very fabric that holds our society together?

When my sister asked this question a few days ago, I felt her frustration and the feeling of impotence to do anything about it.

Kind of like standing in quicksand and realizing that the sinking is inevitable.

Everyone knows, logically, that the worst thing to do in this situation is to panic and begin to thrash around. This single act will only cause a quicker demise.

That’s pretty easy to say when we are watching someone hit quicksand on a screen; it’s altogether something else when we are actually getting wet sand in our shoes.

Emotion takes over and in fits of fear, rage, panic, anger, and loss we lash out at anything close by, trying to get a grip on something; anything. Anything that will help us feel like we are in “control.”

You can see where I’m going with this: we can see and feel the legislative muck around our feet.

So, what is our next step?

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So where should Conservatives stand?

After the last posting on Will our passion for conservatism result in more liberalism? my sister asked me “So just where should conservatives stand?”

I think it’s exactly the right question to ask, and I’m grateful that she got my head spinning in that direction.

Perhaps we need to clarify what we mean by conservative, liberal, and Christian. More than a year ago I posted some musings on What does it mean to be a Christian; how does someone know that I’m a Christian?

For today’s ramblings it may be worth taking a look back at that, so we can start where those thought end.

capitalI consider myself to be conservative in my positions on morals, ethics, and religious beliefs. However, I do not claim to be A Conservative politically.

When it comes to my views on just how our government does (and doesn’t) work, I’m a Moderate. I look at what is going on and find that there are good ideas and actions happening all over the spectrum.

And there are some pretty rotten things happening all over as well.

I guess my point is that a political Conservative and a religious Christian aren’t necessarily synonymous, any more than a political Liberal and atheism go hand in hand.

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Will our passion for conservatism result in more liberalism?  

Last October I posted a blog entitled You have to let me work here, don’t you?

Just remember that the example here goes BOTH ways – protections for both conservative and liberal agendas.

A few months ago in July I posted a blog entitled Are we choosing our battles wisely over the marriage debate?

I invite you to take a few minutes to go back and read both to give you a basis for today’s thoughts.

My goal is to do whatever is needed to protect and preserve religious liberty here in the United States as well as around the world.

This will ALWAYS be my goal.

I’m becoming more and more concerned, however, about positions people are taking in the name of “religious freedom.”

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