Is this all there is?  

There is more to do than there are hours in the day.

It’s just a fact.

We’ve all had moments of when-will-I-cram-that-yoga-time (which more often than not ends up instead at the freezer door with a large spoon headed for the chocolate ice cream).

ice creamAnd as we close our eyes after leaning against the closed freezer door, we realize that waiting for us in just a few hours is the need to get up tomorrow and try to fit 30 hours into 24.


Ever stop and wonder: Is this all there is?

We think that if it is, we may as well just throw in the towel. There has to be more to life than this.

To help combat that heavy feeling and give us the energy to keep driving through the day we place benchmarks ahead of us, things that we are working towards, things that we will “get to” after the hard work of today – the reward for all the work.

Something that makes it all worth it.

An Alaskan cruise.

A promotion at work with a better office and benefits.

Losing 15 pounds, and not finding them again.

A visit to the Hair Club for Men to restore the curly blond locks of 30 years ago.

A nap.


What if, however, today is all there is?

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When answers continue to elude us, shouldn’t we ask different questions?

Another horrific mass murder at a school.

I hate to put the word “another” in that sentence. When we read a headline that starts with “another” it can lead to apathy and the emotionless comment “oh, it happened again; that is so sad.”

But it did happen again.

And it is so incredibly sad.

But we continue to have the same discussions and arguments following this tragedy as we have following all the others.

How’s that been working for us?

Not so hot.

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But shouldn’t we be willing to offer our gifts, regardless?

It drives me nuts that I seem to get less done each day instead of more.

I’d be happy to even stay the same, but…

dark roomWe’ve all seen images of those with some sort of mental illness hiding in dark corners, wrapped in a blanket, and in need of a shower.

Is it horrible to say that I can completely identify with and understand that kind of behavior?

But an understanding of and complying with are two completely different things. I think it’s important to remember that.

Sometimes I forget.

The other night as I paced back and forth in the family room during the commercials to relieve a little of the screaming inside, I tried to get up the courage to ask Ann and Nick what they might think if I stopped writing this blog.

At least just for a little while, you know, while I try to get to a little more balanced place.

I almost got the words out.

For a moment, it even felt like it would certainly be the right thing to do.

Besides, would it really matter anyway?

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Someday everything will make perfect sense…someday.  

Ann bought and gave me a pillow for Christmas last year bearing this message of hope.

I understood immediately the intended message and why she had picked it up. I was so touched by her sincerity and pure love.

Yet, it was a bit poignant as I placed it among the piles of pillows on our bed. I quietly understood that its message was now more applicable to Ann’s suffering than my own.

Sometimes I forget that my difficulties are pretty hard for others as well.

Do you?

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