This is our time – to stand

If we are not actively involved in helping with a solution, we really have no credibility in complaining about the problem. 

This is a critical time in history. Each of us, at some point in the future, will need to give an accounting of what we did or didn’t do to make things better.

But be cautious; more often than not, it is the quiet voice of reason that pierces more deeply than the screams and shouts of a frenzied mob.

I’m not going to tell you what positions you should or shouldn’t take, that is your responsibility and yours alone.

But I am going to urge you to do something productive in helping each of us awake from our comfort zone and stand tall in our beliefs, regardless of the consequences.

For my part, I’m starting with a letter to my elected representatives. As a citizen it is not only my right, but my responsibility. Here’s a copy of what I’ve come up with:

Dear Madam or Sir; 

We are in crisis as a nation, and as a people.

We could waste time arguing each other’s points about how we got here, whose fault it is, and all the minutia supporting opposing views or rationalizations for questionable behaviors.

But there simply isn’t time.

The time of fence sitting, political safeguarding, and just trying to keep our heads down in order to avoid the firestorms is over.

Each generation has the responsibility to stand up and be counted on which side of the line we stand.

This is our time.

As your constituent, I need to know exactly where you stand, and more importantly, precisely what is your plan of action regarding this never-ending flow of national crises.

  • Do you still believe that you can work with President Trump in governing our country; and if so, why?
  • Beyond “strongly condemning” the brazen anti-Semitic and racial venom spewed in Charlottesville, what actions will you take to ensure history does NOT repeat itself?
  • At what point will your own moral compass not allow you to keep rationalizing irrational behavior under the guise of doing “the greater good”?
  • Are you willing to act courageously now in fighting for what is right, even if doing so compromises your reelection ambitions?  
  • Will you put America as a whole first, before partisan agendas?

You see, I need you to recognize that this is YOUR time to make your stand, and let me know just what that stand is.

Because it’s also MY time to do the same.

It’s my responsibility to seek out and elect people who are work horses and not show horses, people who understand that it is the culmination of all the small decisions that lead to the ability to make the great decisions, and people who are more concerned about doing right than merely being reelected.

I simply need to know if you are one of those people.


Greg Batty

Your communication may be the same, or it may be a polar opposite of the one above. What matters most, I think, is that you care enough to pen a letter and send it on.

This really is OUR time – to stand.

It may be alone, or it could be together.

But we’ll never know until we step forward.

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