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We choose hundreds of times each day; some choices are pretty routine while other decisions make a pretty big difference. The truth is that on the things that really matter, we have the power and the responsibility to choose our path. After, we grow as we stand up and work through the consequences of what we have chosen. If we can choose to enjoy the journey, then we may have just found the real secret to making decisions.

Why do we choose to categorize simple clarification as significant change?

Saturday afternoon my sister and her wonderful daughter stopped by as I was slowly cleaning the garage. After hellos and hugs, she said something along the lines of “I’m interested to see what your blog will say about the announcement by the Church this week.”

It would seem that many, many people have had a lot to say on the matter.

As a general rule, I am skeptical when I hear bits of a story here and there when I haven’t had the time to investigate for myself.

So, I took the time to read the additions made to Handbook 1 of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and then to listen to the full explanation by Elder Christofferson and Brother Otterson.

temple3When I was done, I admit my reaction was “I don’t see anything different from before.”

In fact, a clear and thoughtful examination of the additional wording regarding same-sex attraction, same-sex marriage, and covenants was simply a reaffirmation of what had already been known before the sensationalized news story.

At least, a reaffirmation of what I had known before.

I know that it would be naïve to think, however, that there wouldn’t be hurt and angry feelings at the initial announcement.

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So where should Conservatives stand?

After the last posting on Will our passion for conservatism result in more liberalism? my sister asked me “So just where should conservatives stand?”

I think it’s exactly the right question to ask, and I’m grateful that she got my head spinning in that direction.

Perhaps we need to clarify what we mean by conservative, liberal, and Christian. More than a year ago I posted some musings on What does it mean to be a Christian; how does someone know that I’m a Christian?

For today’s ramblings it may be worth taking a look back at that, so we can start where those thought end.

capitalI consider myself to be conservative in my positions on morals, ethics, and religious beliefs. However, I do not claim to be A Conservative politically.

When it comes to my views on just how our government does (and doesn’t) work, I’m a Moderate. I look at what is going on and find that there are good ideas and actions happening all over the spectrum.

And there are some pretty rotten things happening all over as well.

I guess my point is that a political Conservative and a religious Christian aren’t necessarily synonymous, any more than a political Liberal and atheism go hand in hand.

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Why do we buy tickets to slide down the slippery slope?

When I was a kid we went to an amusement park to enjoy the rides and fun. One of the attractions was called The Record Player.

Now, we may have to take a moment and explain to those who didn’t come over in the Mayflower just what a record player is, which I know TOTALLY dates me as an old geezer.

Basically, the large round vinyl LPs, or records, had a small hole in the center which was used to attach the disc on the turntable. As the record was spun around and around, the needle would move through the grooves and, voila, music.record

Think of it as a melodic way to enjoy a merry-go-round without the ponies.

Anyway, on this attraction which was a gigantic replica of the small household version, you could go as long as you wanted – as long as you could hold on.

At first it was kind of fun to jump on and then be thrown off into the big soft pads on the sides. But then, normal determination kicked in and we had to figure out how to “beat” the ride itself and become the master.

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Do my choices bring me peace?

It’s pretty common to hear people talk about their trials.


Everyone has them.

Yet, when we combine the unique set of circumstances, and history, and severity, and emotional strength, and physical endurance (you get the idea), then each trial is different.

It really comes down to the fact that each of us is a unique and important child of our Heavenly Father.

We can understand that our trials are almost personalized, just right for us.raindrops2

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… and then what?

Watching current world events unfold sometimes leaves me with a kink in my neck. You know the kind you get when watching a fast tennis match, or a game of ping pong? Each side lobbing, or hurling, or firing a return volley as quickly as they can reload.

The thought process seems to be the need to demonstrate and enforce our superiority over the opposition.

The Israelis and the Palestinians.

Radical jihadists and pro-democracy forces.

The president and congress.

Cuban diplomatic talks and a Russian spy ship.

I think we could argue all day about the larger world conflicts and what we see as the best solution and just how they should be implemented.question mark3

… and then what?

For example, while Ann and I were driving to Salt Lake she had an incredibly insightful and simple solution to the forecasted sharp rise in gasoline after OPEC has driven the shale oil companies here out of business.

She suggested that the government enforce heavy embargos and fees on foreign oil, and then forward those revenues to the domestic energy producers to keep them going.

It was brilliant.

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