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Muscle only grows when it has been tried and tested, and then given a chance to rest and recover. And then doing it again. While we don’t enjoy the hard times, we can see them for what they are and who they help us become.

Have we asked the refugees what it is they need?

I’ve become concerned the last few days over the anger regarding “what to do about the refugee problem.”

What concerns me more is some of the proposals that are being put out there.

And, of most concern, is that people are agreeing with these ideas.

american flagIt seems to me that these solutions are all about what we think is best for us – increased guarantee of protection from terrorism, or patting ourselves on the back for being so magnanimous.

It could certainly be a sign that we may be living more in fear and less in faith, more in pride and less in humility.

I’ve tried studying to gain a better understanding of the situation. The general consensus of the articles that make the most sense to me is that the real solution lies closer to where the refugees actually are, not about where we may or may not want them to be.

The argument shouldn’t be so much about what happens within our own borders, but more of what kind of change we can affect overseas.

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Anonymity breeds apathy

The world is in turmoil right now, some parts more than others.

In France, the wounds are raw and wide open; in the UK the wounds have scabbed over but are still tender and red around the edges.

In Syria, canon fire is taking off limbs – with no one to help staunch the bleeding.

globeHere in the United States we have scars that are more of a reminder of pain than source of immediate pain.

But we are understandably still pretty gun shy.

Each country has its own personal pain.

And fears.

Rightly so.

In the madness that is extremism, it only takes one to carry out terrorist acts – leaving a bloody trail of what were, to him, nameless strangers who were guilty for no other reason than they were there.

We are repulsed at the callousness and insanity of it all.

depression5For someone to act in such a way, they surely must be beyond feeling.


What causes someone to become that way?

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Why do you feel that your pain is greater than mine?

To clarify, I’m not stating that I, Greg, have pain that is greater than yours.

I don’t.

But as I read a few things posted recently regarding actively living a homosexual lifestyle and apostasy, and crying out for others to show compassion, I wonder if there are those who feel that their pain is far greater than that of their neighbor.

Perhaps I can offer a more encompassing perspective, though certainly not unique, as one with mental illness and same-sex attraction.


It would be hard for anyone to argue with me when I say that I feel I am qualified to voice an opinion about same-sex attraction, as well as choosing between suicide and homicidal tendencies and making it to the end of the day with everyone alive and intact, and at the same time actively choosing each day NOT to act upon that which feels natural within – be it sexual or mental.

In many ways, my coping mechanisms for each are the same.

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What do you KNOW?

I’ve asked myself that question quite often recently.

Of course, my first response is “not much.”

But, after a few minutes I realize that just isn’t true.

I know a lot.

And so do you.

Here’s the deal:

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Not afraid to die, but not afraid to live either

A friend from high school shared a great video clip of President Nelson recounting an experience he had on a plane.

The thing about it that struck the deepest chord in me was when he shared that even though he knew he was plummeting to his death, and those around him were screaming, crying, and panicking, he was calm.flying

At peace.

He wasn’t afraid to die.

I sat back and thought about that for a bit.

I’m not sure when it happened, but I realized that I completely understood what he was saying and that I felt the same way.

I’m not afraid to die.

Don’t misunderstand, I have SO many things to still fix and improve and grow in. I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished my task here on earth and am ready to go.

I’m not.

Like one of my very favorite songs from Bye Bye Birdie, I’ve still got a lot of livin’ to do.

Don’t we all?

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