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My name is Greg Batty.   I’ve been happily married for 26 years and am still head over heels for my beautiful wife. We have two children, a daughter and son, that have reached the age where they leave the nest.  You can say we’ve been at it long enough to have learned a few things. There have been some pretty hard times over the years. But through all the pain and discouragement, we found the way how to still laugh and love and, most importantly, live. In the process, we have found true peace that overrides it all. For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I like who I am, or really who I am becoming. Aren’t we all still a work in progress?

Did I mention that I have been diagnosed with mental illness? Or that I’m wired with same-sex attraction? And we’ve still managed to find happiness. We have chosen to dance in the rain.

My chosen career path was in human resources, and looking back, we’ve realized that much of that was spent in a manic phase. Then our life changed, and I started to work from home. That was a blessing in disguise, because as the dark side of my illness reared it’s ugly head, I wasn’t around people all the time.

I thought my personal battle with same-sex attraction was a deep, dark secret, only to find that those who know and love me the best already knew – and loved me all the same. This gives me the will to commit to always fight this natural-man tendency.

Now, our family has reached a new rhythm. Some days are better than others, and it’s a constant battle each day, but I fight those battles because of the anchors around me.

You may be able to guess after reading a while, but I’m a Mormon, and many of my views are tempered by this. After all, what we think and say and do is centered on our value system, and mine happens to be built on the LDS faith. But I’m also a moderate. I think when we find common ground in the middle, that is when we can ALL work together and make the world a truly great place to live in.

Time with my wife Ann and our kids Alex and Nick is the end goal of all I do. Good music always takes me to a better place. I’m trying to do something each day that will make things just a bit better than yesterday.


I reserve the right to edit or delete comments and links if they disagree with intended message or with my personal values.

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  1. Hi. I’ve recently fully accepted the fact that I am bisexual. We’re also LDS and have been married for 14 years with five girls in our little tribe. Recently my sexuality has started to become a issue within my marriage and I’m hoping to find encouragement and information on how to make our marriage work and get back to our happy.

  2. Oh! I also forgot to mention that I too suffer from several different mental disorders. So it’ll be nice to read how you handle yours.

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“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”