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Simplifying the Semantics of Suicide

This is part 1 of a 4-part series on Simplifying the Semantics of Suicide.

A good friend commented about our posting regarding those the mentally ill have left behind a few days ago. She was genuinely concerned about daily interactions with people struggling, not only with mental illness, but with addictions and even issues that one may consider to be self-imposed.

Regardless of all the differences of the why we find ourselves stuck, the similarities of the how to get through deserve more focus.

Over time society has redefined and, perhaps, made judgments on those mired in suicide’s depths without truly understanding all the intricate components.

Ann and I have talked at length, and we have shared with our children, how our story may be different from that of so many others.

happy groupWhy are we so happy in the midst of things that have devastated others? How have we made it work for us while others aren’t so fortunate? What created the safe haven where we can communicate so openly and honestly and vulnerably about our pain, and at the same time genuinely laughing about it?

Semantics are what people connote something to be, rather than what it really may be. We need to narrow that gap between what we think we know, and what we probably should know.

I readily acknowledge that I will stumble over this as I try to put words to the indescribable.

But I think it is worth trying anyway.

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Can we stand for something without stomping on others?

Battles are being fought every day in every country of the world. In some places the battles are armed combat and people are losing their lives. In other places it is a war of words and ideologies. I wonder if in these conflicts we aren’t slowly losing part of our humanity and decency. Perhaps the most difficult battles are being waged from within. These personal, private clashes with ourselves as we try to overcome what comes naturally and replace it with how we choose to be will affect body, mind and spirit.soldier

Whether or not we realize it, each day we wake up and enter the fight.

Whether we want to or not.

Following the counsel of leaders I trust implicitly, I try to remain informed on what is happening around me.

I guess that would also mean being informed on what is happening around you as well.

newspaperWith so many important things going on around us, there are bound to be a variety of opinions and viewpoints. I think that is appropriate. We aren’t robots simply following orders (history has proven how devastating that can be), but rather unique individuals who bring past experiences to the table and see things from different directions.

While watching the news or reading the paper this last week I was struck solidly with the understanding that the days of neutrality are gone. I’m not sure how Switzerland feels about that, but the time has come that even they must choose one side or the other.

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