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Facing irrationality rationally

(Featured Image Source: AlexBatty.org)

For most of my life I have watched some of the things that people do and wondered out loud “Were they dropped on their head as a child?”

You know who I mean:

The man who regularly cheats on his wife, but then is furious when she strays.

The person who embezzles and then blames the one who discovers the fraud for ruining his life.

The thief who orders the bank manager at gunpoint to go into the safe and bring him all “his” money.

arguing2The bully who repeatedly tells his victims “you made me do this, it’s all your fault”.    

The religious fanatic who, in the name of God, commits a myriad of atrocities.

And politics… oh my, where do we begin?

I’ve had many private soliloquies over the years of how I would rationally discuss each situation, pointing out what must be so painfully obvious to any sane person.

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