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Could it really be okay to come back?

A good and genuine person recently expressed having feelings of wanting to return to the fellowship of the gospel, after having left years ago.

But just having the feelings to return isn’t like waving a magic wand and erasing all that had caused the rift in the first place. Her reasons for estrangement were based in love, not hate. That makes it a little harder to try and overcome, wouldn’t you think?

defeatYou see, in her past when a beloved family member had shared homosexual feelings and the need to pursue a corresponding lifestyle, the response was one of anger, and ostracism, and a severing of ties.

Watching people who faithfully attend church each Sunday turn so quickly on a loved one left a pretty bad taste her mouth.

Yet after all this time, she recognizes the honest feelings and yearnings in her own heart, drawing her back to the gospel of the Savior.

So, how does she reconcile what seems to be clearly conflicting messages of “love thy brother”?

As I thought about it, I would think that this is a scenario that has played out in many, many families.

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