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Why do you feel that your pain is greater than mine?

To clarify, I’m not stating that I, Greg, have pain that is greater than yours.

I don’t.

But as I read a few things posted recently regarding actively living a homosexual lifestyle and apostasy, and crying out for others to show compassion, I wonder if there are those who feel that their pain is far greater than that of their neighbor.

Perhaps I can offer a more encompassing perspective, though certainly not unique, as one with mental illness and same-sex attraction.


It would be hard for anyone to argue with me when I say that I feel I am qualified to voice an opinion about same-sex attraction, as well as choosing between suicide and homicidal tendencies and making it to the end of the day with everyone alive and intact, and at the same time actively choosing each day NOT to act upon that which feels natural within – be it sexual or mental.

In many ways, my coping mechanisms for each are the same.

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Battling being between

We were visiting with some good friends about a week or so ago. She has been fighting a pretty tough battle with leukemia for years. Gratefully, things right now are looking positive. Probably better than they have in a long time.bicycle

She talked about trying to reclaim a bit of her life by reintroducing activities long ago forgotten. One is riding a bike. Her plan is to set the bike up in the house on a stand to work her way up to embarking in the great outdoors.

The conversation worked around to the subject of disability. I was kind of surprised to hear her express a concern that I have been fighting for a long time. She mentioned that while on disability she feels guilty if she ever has a good day, or feels better and closer to normal than not.

First of all, I have always felt like I must be a lazy person if I’m on disability. Secondly, if I have a day when I don’t feel rotten, then I think I had better get back to work – and quickly.

But of course then the next day comes and I kind of hit my head in a “Duh, this is why we’re on the disability.”

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Do we hope heaven is a holiday?

Life can get pretty rough at times.

Looking back 100 years I’m sure the challenges were different. Another 200 years in the past and the things that tried men’s souls were even more different.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty grateful to have the challenges of today and not yesterday. I’ll just mention indoor plumbing and a furnace. Need I say more?

At any rate, I’m sure that all through history there have been very tailored and unique sets of hardships that made that generation feel they were being pushed to their limits.rope

You’ve heard the saying “When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.”

Ever wondered why?

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