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Offering humbly-confident prayers

When Alex and Nick were very young, we knew what they were doing all the time.

No, really, ALL the time.

It was incredibly exhausting.

IMG_0002 (2)

As they grew and we had witnessed enough wonderful choices and decisions, we stepped back a bit and parts of their day were their own.

Of course, we’d hear the pitter-patter of feet coming down the hall, giggles, and Nick emerging around the corner.

“Mom, Dad…wait just a minute.”

And then he’d disappear around the corner again and we could hear loud whispers of “what was I supposed to ask”, followed by an intense whisper by his sister of exactly what it was that she wanted.

We’d call “come out you two” and we’d wait for them to come, pushing each other a little so as to not be the one in front.

Soon they were on our laps and we’d talk about just what it was on their minds.

Quickly, however, this magical time disappeared and was replaced by more serious petitions about things that truly mattered to them.

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Is the antidote of pride actually happiness?

We’ve learned for as long as I can remember that the opposite of pride is humility.

That’s true. You can’t be prideful and humble at the same time.

Last year I shared some musings over the connection between humility and confidence.

In my heart, I feel that only true humility comes to the confident, and only the confident can experience true humility.

Of course the best example we have is the Savior. Is there anyone who was as humble as He?

“Not my will, Lord, but Thine be done.”

Jesus Christ 9But at the same time there has never been One so strong, so purely masculine, so utterly fearless, and so quietly confident.

“Jesus sayeth unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

Our task in this life is to learn how to become confidently humble; moving forward boldly in the cause of truth and righteousness while constantly working to conform our will to His.

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Is real courage simply the manifestation of love?

For much of my life, I’ve been anxious and worried about things to come.

You know, Sunday afternoons and evenings were a bit dreary because I knew Monday morning would soon be here and I had to go to work.

worry2Not that I was lazy or didn’t want to work; not at all.

I worried about possible problems and interactions and how I should handle things. Looking back, I wonder if was just generally not really comfortable in my own skin.

This necessitated that I become a pretty good actor. I could figure out what was expected and I usually filled the role, if I do say so myself, pretty darn well.

You’ve heard of people dying a thousand deaths? Well, I died inside that many times before the actual reality gave me a chance one way or the other.

Kind of like I had not only crossed the bridge, but ran back and forth across it with many different scenarios (all usually horrific accidents), usually before the bridge had even been built.

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