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Battling being between

We were visiting with some good friends about a week or so ago. She has been fighting a pretty tough battle with leukemia for years. Gratefully, things right now are looking positive. Probably better than they have in a long time.bicycle

She talked about trying to reclaim a bit of her life by reintroducing activities long ago forgotten. One is riding a bike. Her plan is to set the bike up in the house on a stand to work her way up to embarking in the great outdoors.

The conversation worked around to the subject of disability. I was kind of surprised to hear her express a concern that I have been fighting for a long time. She mentioned that while on disability she feels guilty if she ever has a good day, or feels better and closer to normal than not.

First of all, I have always felt like I must be a lazy person if I’m on disability. Secondly, if I have a day when I don’t feel rotten, then I think I had better get back to work – and quickly.

But of course then the next day comes and I kind of hit my head in a “Duh, this is why we’re on the disability.”

It brings up an interesting dilemma. Continue reading Battling being between