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Could education be the great equalizer?

I was born in a home where my biological parents were married, all my siblings lived with us, my father was a university professor and my mom stayed at home until I graduated from high school. She volunteered in the schools and my dad helped with tricky math problems.

Ann and I each graduated from the university. Alex is finishing up her master’s degree and Nick is headed for medical school.

nurseEducation has been a fundamental priority all of our lives.

There are many roads to take to get an education; some find the university the right fit, others will excel at tech training and trade schools, others will take specialized courses preparing them for a field that interests them, still others will take advantage of work programs and apprenticeships.

mechanicThere is a place for everyone to make their difference in the world.

The American dream?

Quite possibly.


But what about a child who is born to a single-parent without a GED and sporadic employment?

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