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No matter what, keep pushing

Okay, I’ll just come out and say that it’s been a rough week and a half. Life is a delicate balance of keeping the physical moving to help minimize the mental zooming to help maintain emotions on an even keel. Both the high highs and the low lows can be exhausting.

When one of these gets off kilter, the rest quickly spiral out of control.

Phew, right?

Sometimes I wonder if it is really worth it to try to get back in balance.

How about you? I would imagine that each of you can nod your head and say “oh yeah, brother, I know just what you are talking about.”

Many of you may have already read the following story. No matter how many times I revisit this parable, it helps give me the strength to take a deep breath, bend over, and keep pushing. Continue reading No matter what, keep pushing

Don’t prejudiced people just drive you nuts?

For years I have scratched my head in bewilderment at the anger and animosity the LGBT community displays. It’s almost a hyper-sensitive, prejudged response to anything less than the blanket embracing of their values.

I just wasn’t sure where all of this defensiveness and immediate-assumption of outside hatred was coming from.

But last night I had a bit of an epiphany.

Our daughter is on the east coast going to graduate school. She loves it. That makes me smile just typing it. For the first time in her life, she is experiencing what she has always imagined education could be; what it really should be: intense discussion of important issues, bringing many varying perspectives to the table, and recognizing that there is truth coming from all directions.


This also brings the recognition that one person doesn’t possess all the facts, all the understanding of these ever-evolving issues. The facts become clearer as all the necessary ingredients are added to the pot.

It also shines light on another fact: no one is completely a victim without also being a little prejudiced.

Let me explain.

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We really do end where we begin

This is part 6 in a series on The Family

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Why do we pray?

The other night Ann and I were talking about things that are really important to us – you know, the things for which we choose to give our lives.

The things we pray intently for, about, and over.


My days have become a kind of a running dialogue with Heaven: gratitude; people we care about; our leaders; increased faith and charity.

There are as many things to pray about as I have breaths.

However, I would be willing to bet that each of us has a very personal, very important list of things we pray for continuously; a list of things that are always in our minds and our hearts.

        (Source: LDS Media Library)

My list has whittled itself down to three: Specific blessings for Ann, specific blessings for Alex, and specific blessings for Nick.

My family.

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The family’s formation of faith

This is part 1 in a series on The Family

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Fundamental to a life well lived is a foundation of faith.

We can try to rationalize that we don’t need faith, or that we don’t have time, or that we are stronger than that.

This may be blunt, but the time of spiritual neutrality has gone. None of the above mindsets will cut it anymore.

Not if we have any hope of having, well, hope.

Surely many will laugh and call me an alarmist. I don’t see myself as alarmed; but I do feel that I’m aware.

Aware of what a solid, shared, and practiced belief system can do to help each member of the family feel confident not only of their place in their own family, but also in their smaller community as well as the larger society as a whole.

Isn’t that really what each of us need, and want? To know that we belong?

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The Family: The Final Frontier?

smithsonianThe National Gallery of Art at The Smithsonian in Washington D.C. has a room with four walls and four doorways. While walking slowly through the museum more than 25 years ago, I found myself captivated in this particular room. In fact, I returned two more times just to take it in.

There was just one painting on each of the four walls; the four paintings telling one story.


(Source of Voyage of Life paintings: Explore Thomas Cole)

Completed by the 1850s, The Voyage of Life by Thomas Cole is a series depicting one man’s journey, beginning at Childhood and then going through Youth, Manhood, and ending at Old Age.  The allegorical paintings are rich in color, imagery, and meaning.

youthI saved up and bought large prints of the series. They have hung in every living room we have ever had, wherever we have lived. Currently, they are in the small piano room right by the front door. Continue reading The Family: The Final Frontier?