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Do we really need to have a reason before we choose to do something good?

For the vast majority of history, society has depended largely on the religious obedience of the individual to keep lawlessness and violence at a minimum.

Otherwise, how could a relatively small police force protect the citizenry as a whole?

Civil peace found its foundation in the individual’s personal commitment to obey the laws of God which flooded over into the same personal commitment of obedience to the laws of government.

You know, people just did what was right because it was the right thing to do. They didn’t need to have the reasons explained why speeding through a neighborhood, or breaking into your neighbor’s home, or embezzling from the company were against the law.

church1They were more focused on following their own personal understanding of what God wanted them to do. Knowing what was right also let us know what wasn’t right.


Not so much anymore.

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I love you enough to say No

This is part 4 in a series on The Family

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It’s surprising how often it is the first word a small child will speak.

Well, maybe not that surprising considering it could be the word they hear the most throughout the day.

No, don’t touch that hot stove.

No, you can’t have that sharp knife.

No, don’t hit your sister and make her cry.

These aren’t parents using bad skills; they are good parents trying to keep up with the whirlwind that is a child reaching and touching and exploring more quickly than anyone can keep up with.


And, they are trying to teach a child that there are things that are okay, and things that simply aren’t okay.

They are teaching a child to choose.

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Is nobody being happy the only recipe for everybody being happy?

We’ve all heard the saying “When Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” In fact, I would bet that most of us have said it at one time or another.mom2

Usually the listener will follow up with “That is SO true.”

And everyone has a good chuckle.

We just went through the midterm elections. Republicans are glowing in their historic wins. Democrats are saving face by focusing on how many republican seats are up for reelection in two years.

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Are we asking the wrong questions?

unique2I am different from you.

You are different from me.unique

That’s a good thing.

There are things that you desire and hope for that I will probably never even think of. There are things that are critically important to me that you most likely find ridiculous.

Are you okay with that?

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You have to let me work here, don’t you?

Let’s try another story to get us started today:

Once upon a time there was a very skilled, very ambitious journalist. After working through several attractive offers, she accepted a position with the news organization DEF. The overall culture and people were by far the most appealing to her.

Part of her contract agreement contained a list of rules and regulations that DEF stated clearly were nonnegotiable behaviors and personal conduct. One obvious infraction would be to share any news story or company information with its top rival, GHI.signed

Any breach of this protocol would result in her termination.

The journalist signed the contract, feeling that all of the terms were agreeable. After all, DEF had every right to set its own standards of conduct and enforce any infraction.   

She worked hard for DEF and became renowned in her ability to dig deep enough to find the truth, without destroying the innocent in the process.

???????????????????????????????DEF couldn’t be happier.

Neither could the journalist.

Over time, however, the journalist and DEF began to have some deep philosophical differences. They made editing decisions on her stories, and she felt that her true work wasn’t being reflected in the reports told. Continue reading You have to let me work here, don’t you?