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Is mental illness the thin line between genius and insanity?

Throughout history some of the greatest minds with the sharpest intellects have made contributions that have, literally, changed the world.

LincolnAbraham Lincoln was the great emancipator. Ludwig Von Beethoven could compose numerous works at once, many of which are still played in symphonies today. The incomprehensible work of the Sistine Chapel makes Michelangelo a name familiar to even young school children. Charles Dickens gave us literary works that share timeless insights into human nature and behavior. Winston Churchill produced 43 books on top of helping the world return to sanity from a global war waged in madness.

It would be hubris to place ourselves at the same level of accomplishment and brilliance as any of these gifted individuals.

Yet it is thought that Abraham Lincoln possibly suffered from clinical depression, that Beethoven worked through bipolar disorder, that Michelangelo was autistic, that Dickens may have also had severe depression, and that Churchill was yet another who was bipolar.

At the time many of them were given the benefit of the doubt and people would politely say that they were a little eccentric. Continue reading Is mental illness the thin line between genius and insanity?