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Do we think that radical Christianity is the best solution to radical Islam?

Many years ago my mother discovered through her genealogy work that she had close relatives living in the Great Lakes region which she had never heard of, nor they her.

Contact was made, airline tickets purchased, and Mom set off to meet her “new” family.airplane3

When she arrived, they were warm and inviting, yet she found them staring at her oddly when they thought she wasn’t looking.

Finally it came out.

“You’re a Mormon, aren’t you?”

“Why, yes I am.”

“Can we see your horns?”

My mother laughed out loud and bent her head forward for a hands-on inspection. When no horns were found, they asked their next question.

“How many wives does your husband have?”

I would imagine that many of you have similar stories you could share. We laugh now about how silly people are to believe such nonsense about an entire group of people they know nothing about.

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Leaving the line open: isn’t prayer about feeling?

Lately my mind has fallen into that misty mix of numbness and detachment. It’s an interesting place to be.

For many years I was most definitely a “deeply feeling person.”


To excess.

It wasn’t uncommon for me to look at Ann and not understand how she could so calmly and quietly react to news received, whether it be good or bad.

We’ve laughed about it over the years. If I ask my family how I did on something I had just finished, and they replied, “Oh it was good”, then I just knew it had been bad.

Kind of nutty isn’t it, to only hear that something was bad when being told it was good?

Well, that’s me: the nutty professor.

But because of the medication for the bipolar, OCD, and psychoses (at least I hope it’s the mental illness medication; otherwise …), I don’t feel things as bright or as dark as before.

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But religion IS a choice, isn’t it?

I read the response from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints about a petition from the Human Rights Campaign regarding same-sex attraction. There were of course the accompanying articles of people with differing points of view. The one I read was very well written and without animosity, which I appreciated.

However, it very logically went through point by point how hypocritical the Church was in its position. One of the responses to this opposing view was “I would hope that the Church will listen” which was followed by another response of “Maybe God should listen.”

listeningYou know me, it made me think.

Perhaps it is these two quick responses to an article that sum up what is really the issue here.

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No matter what, keep pushing

Okay, I’ll just come out and say that it’s been a rough week and a half. Life is a delicate balance of keeping the physical moving to help minimize the mental zooming to help maintain emotions on an even keel. Both the high highs and the low lows can be exhausting.

When one of these gets off kilter, the rest quickly spiral out of control.

Phew, right?

Sometimes I wonder if it is really worth it to try to get back in balance.

How about you? I would imagine that each of you can nod your head and say “oh yeah, brother, I know just what you are talking about.”

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We really do end where we begin

This is part 6 in a series on The Family

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Why do we pray?

The other night Ann and I were talking about things that are really important to us – you know, the things for which we choose to give our lives.

The things we pray intently for, about, and over.


My days have become a kind of a running dialogue with Heaven: gratitude; people we care about; our leaders; increased faith and charity.

There are as many things to pray about as I have breaths.

However, I would be willing to bet that each of us has a very personal, very important list of things we pray for continuously; a list of things that are always in our minds and our hearts.

        (Source: LDS Media Library)

My list has whittled itself down to three: Specific blessings for Ann, specific blessings for Alex, and specific blessings for Nick.

My family.

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