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Can one sin and still be a good person?

We live at a time in history when technology and advancements are coming forward at breakneck speeds. You bought your new phone that has all the latest possibilities, only to find that six months later there is a newer and better model.cell phone

If you are my age, some of this just doesn’t come naturally. I have to work at remembering all the bells and whistles on things. In fact, I have typed up cheat sheets to keep me from missing a step on some of the things I do on my computer.

homeworkA few days ago I got a bit cocky and thought I could send some files to Alex without using my sheet. Turns out I forgot the most important part and it cost Alex more time than it was worth for her.

I’ll just keep using the sheet to be safe.

I marvel, though, at the same rapidity of changes in morals, ethics, and sexual promiscuity. Things that for centuries had been considered, well, to be sins are now common place.

But it’s more than just common place, it is being demanded to be the norm and acceptable. Continue reading Can one sin and still be a good person?