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Hating hatred

There’s a lot of hate out there. People who have allowed it to consume them are doing some pretty horrific things.

That makes us frustrated and shocked and sometimes even numb.


And then along comes anger to pull us out of it. Anger thrusts us into action, although often it is without thorough thought about what may come after we jump into this particular anger-induced act.

The call for our leaders to do something, be they political or religious, screams in all of our ears.

For some reason I find this a bit ridiculous. What do we expect them to do: tell us to be nicer to each other?

No, we expect them to severely punish the perpetrators. I wonder if that isn’t more like standing in the storm, calling for the lost horses after they have stampeded out into the night.

It makes us feel like we’re doing something, but…

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