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Is playing offense the best way to not be offensive?

A good friend posed the question, after reading our post on neither condoning nor condemning, how we do so without being offensive.

I admit, it’s a really great question.

How many times have we left words unspoken in our mouths because we don’t know how our message will be received? Especially when it comes to our beliefs and values?

The fallback rationalization is usually “I just didn’t want to offend them.”

gossipKind of funny that we don’t stop and think the same thought when a juicy piece of gossip comes our way. You’ve heard the joke: If you don’t have anything nice to say about anyone, then come sit by me.

But I digress.

I’ve thought about what it is that makes a comment or statement offensive.

We would think it would be the words spoken, right? But I think that is actually a small part of it.

I think it matters most how it is delivered.

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Overestimating our own integrity

Ann and I have been having a bit of a laugh at my expense these last few days.

I slipped in to the hospital for a cervical fusion at a couple of levels last Friday. Being Superman in my own mind, I was sure that within a few days I’d be chomping at the bit to be swinging my arms while I walked briskly to hurriedly heal in my recovery.superman

I’d give it until Monday until I needed to be up to speed again (I would imagine that in my case up to speed would be a relative term?).

Anything else simply would not work for me; just too inconvenient.

Hence, Ann’s laughter.

I was having a bit of a pity party last night while Ann cleaned the bathrooms (clearly my responsibility) after she had a long day at work.

To me it seemed unbearable to go the few weeks of crushed machismo to have Ann do some of the things that I had promised her I would always handle. It made me look like a big wuss (kind of ironic how I felt that was the cause of my wussiness and not the constant moaning…)

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Heavenly Father is my Dad

All images in this post are from the LDS Media Library

“Revelation is not an explanation; it’s a conclusion.”

– – Elder David A. Bednar, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

A returned missionary shared the above quote from words shared by Elder Bednar when he visited her mission.

Kind of stops you in your tracks as you try to wrap your head around it.

So many of us acknowledge and even testify that we know that God is our Father.

And He is.

But there are many views on just what that means in the type of relationship we seek to build with Him.

To begin, we always approach the throne of God humbly, on bended knee, only speaking softly and respectfully, in awe of the Heavenly King before us. His word is our command.

fatherhood5In a way, it mirrors our relationship with our earthly father. We are completely dependent, we are completely unaware of what lies ahead, we are completely under his loving control.

A young child needs but to hear a few words in their father’s deep timbre for him to have their full attention and usually they are quick to obey.

At least it works for a time.

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