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Why is the suicide rate so high among gay teens?

I spent time this afternoon reading articles and posts and watching a clip from Good Morning America.

You’ve gotta love the Internet.

The newspaper article and the GMA clip were about the upcoming TLC show “My Husband’s Not Gay.” My first reaction was one of frustration. But being tired and a little mentally wacky it quickly turned to anger.angry

I was angry at the suggestion that it was okay to flirt with a waiter in front of your wife (or even flirt with a waiter, for that matter).

I was angry at the derogatory, demeaning, slanderous statements posted about the wives of such men.

I was angry at the comments posted about how if you are gay, you’re gay. Otherwise, you are deluded.

I was angry at the blatant hypocrisy of not being accepting of someone walking a different path than what the gay community has mandated.

I was angry at the insistence that homosexuality is NOT a choice.

boxer2Not surprisingly, I spent the afternoon arguing with my imaginary friends, or rather, perceived enemies. After feeling like I had worked my way around to a great rebuttal to the argument, I sat down and began to type.

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Where is the front line in the battle of good and evil?

Like many of you, our family has kept up with the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit stories, told both through literature as well as film.

In each segment of the tale, there are these incredible battle scenes. The numbers of the foe seem as countless as the sands of the sea.???????????????????????????????

At first, I always thought how fanciful this was. How on earth could there be armies that large?

But as I finish up reading in The Book of Mormon again I am reminded that millions fought, and millions died.

And not just once. This was repeated.

Not so fanciful anymore. In fact, soberingly real.

This may be how people imagine Armageddon; that great and last battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil.

But instead of millions, there will be billions. Continue reading Where is the front line in the battle of good and evil?

So we all know that I struggle. What now?

After our posting about wondering if it was in fact a good thing to struggle with same-sex attraction, there was a very sincere reply by someone who understood all too well what I was trying to express.

personinpainShe shared discouragement in the notion that we were adding our voice to that of other’s in saying that to be wired with same-sex attraction is wrong. She had been told again and again that if we are struggling with it, then we must, in some way, be deficient.

I am so grateful that she reached out and shared her feelings. She was very respectful and not hurling anger or judgment which, sadly, all too often results after attempts at dialogue. That behavior must stop.

Her mother also added to the conversation, sharing that this precious and loved daughter almost took her life as a result of this seemingly lose-lose situation. “I’m wired this way, but to be wired this way is a bad thing, but I can’t change being wired this way, so I must be a horrible person stuck in this never-ending loop.”

This creates the feeling that she is all alone. No one else could understand exactly how she feels. Continue reading So we all know that I struggle. What now?

Do we hope heaven is a holiday?

Life can get pretty rough at times.

Looking back 100 years I’m sure the challenges were different. Another 200 years in the past and the things that tried men’s souls were even more different.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty grateful to have the challenges of today and not yesterday. I’ll just mention indoor plumbing and a furnace. Need I say more?

At any rate, I’m sure that all through history there have been very tailored and unique sets of hardships that made that generation feel they were being pushed to their limits.rope

You’ve heard the saying “When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.”

Ever wondered why?

If you get to the end and things are too hard, why not just let your fingers quietly slip from the rope? Continue reading Do we hope heaven is a holiday?