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Are there responsibilities of respect in welcoming?

I’ve read several articles in the past few weeks talking about big changes in accepting people of diversity in congregations, specifically in Latter-day Saint sacrament meetings.chapel

                                             (Source: LDS Media Library)

I guess if you think about it, over the years it must have appeared to be a pretty homogeneous group of people. The men all in white shirts and ties, the women in skirts and blouses. Everyone with their 5.6 children in tow, complete with runny noses and Tupperware containing Cheerios. Just as the meeting is beginning, there is the frazzled mom hurrying to tuck junior’s shirt back into his very small dress pants as they try to avoid the only free bench left, the front row.

But being someone who grew up in these similarly dressed, similarly-sized families, and similarly cut hair people in Sunday afternoon meetings, I always remember looking around and thinking how different everyone was. Continue reading Are there responsibilities of respect in welcoming?