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The family’s formation of faith

This is part 1 in a series on The Family

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Fundamental to a life well lived is a foundation of faith.

We can try to rationalize that we don’t need faith, or that we don’t have time, or that we are stronger than that.

This may be blunt, but the time of spiritual neutrality has gone. None of the above mindsets will cut it anymore.

Not if we have any hope of having, well, hope.

Surely many will laugh and call me an alarmist. I don’t see myself as alarmed; but I do feel that I’m aware.

Aware of what a solid, shared, and practiced belief system can do to help each member of the family feel confident not only of their place in their own family, but also in their smaller community as well as the larger society as a whole.

Isn’t that really what each of us need, and want? To know that we belong?

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