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Offering humbly-confident prayers

When Alex and Nick were very young, we knew what they were doing all the time.

No, really, ALL the time.

It was incredibly exhausting.

IMG_0002 (2)

As they grew and we had witnessed enough wonderful choices and decisions, we stepped back a bit and parts of their day were their own.

Of course, we’d hear the pitter-patter of feet coming down the hall, giggles, and Nick emerging around the corner.

“Mom, Dad…wait just a minute.”

And then he’d disappear around the corner again and we could hear loud whispers of “what was I supposed to ask”, followed by an intense whisper by his sister of exactly what it was that she wanted.

We’d call “come out you two” and we’d wait for them to come, pushing each other a little so as to not be the one in front.

Soon they were on our laps and we’d talk about just what it was on their minds.

Quickly, however, this magical time disappeared and was replaced by more serious petitions about things that truly mattered to them.

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What’s old is new; what’s new is old

I have always loved music and dance. I used to tell people that it was woven throughout my soul while tapping my toes and aching to get up and moving. Now I just close my eyes and let the melody fill me up.

Age will do that to you.records2

When I was a kid my sister had an amazing record collection. Her tastes were a little eclectic so we were exposed to quite a balanced variety.

My mom had a pretty good 8-track collection that she played on the same stereo. We all groaned when she would assert the equal-time rule between what we considered to be our music and her music.

She liked all that old stuff; the instrumental, some Jim Nabors, you get the idea. We called it “elevator music” and mocked it every chance we could get away with it.

But when it was our turn, that record player was turned up and we danced and danced and danced around the living room, into the kitchen, up and down the stairs, and anywhere else that we could still hear the beat. Continue reading What’s old is new; what’s new is old