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Okay, so what’s next?

Recently I watched an interchange between a political candidate and an advocacy rights group. The media labeled it as a “tense exchange” and the day following aired interviews with members of the group declaring their disappointment in the whole experience.

Admittedly I am not a supporter of that candidate, nor do I pretend to have any understanding of the plight of the social injustices the group is fighting.

But I really thought they both wanted the same thing, and began the conversation on the same side of the issue.


So why did they end up turning in opposite directions?

I think it comes down to being ready to ask the question: okay, so what’s next?

But it’s pretty much impossible to be ready to move on to the solution if we can’t agree on where we are starting.

In my opinion, the candidate made the mistake of simply telling the others what they needed to do next. As well, in my opinion, the group made the mistake of not comprehending the valid if not difficult reality of the advice, which was actually good advice. Instead, they chose to tell the candidate that she didn’t understand.

See the common thread there?


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Why should we have the conversation about same-sex attraction in the first place?

This is part 1 in a 7-part series on same-sex attraction. 

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Each side is certain they are right and the other is wrong. So what would there be to discuss?

It’s a good question.

I’ve always enjoyed literature and film that reflect on the past.

cadillacThere really isn’t one period that I like more than another; the turn of the century, the roaring 20s, the seeming simplicity of the 1950s, the reminder of my childhood from the 70s. I’m not willing to admit yet that the 80s are the past, or even worth remembering for that matter.

Maybe someday.

But it’s interesting to me to see how different things were.

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