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How do we overcome what feels to be insurmountable same-sex wiring?

This is part 4 of a 7-part series on same-sex attraction

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To overcome:

1 Succeed in dealing with a problem or difficulty; get the better of; control

2 Defeat an opponent; prevail; conquer; vanquish


All my life I have connoted overcoming something with eliminating it from my life. It is only conquered when it disappears.

But, what if I can’t “make it disappear?”

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Do desires determine identity?

Who am I?

who am IYou know, it’s possible that this is the most asked question throughout the history of the world. If not just spoken aloud, then including each time it is pondered in the heart would certainly get the count up there.

(Source: LDS Media Library)

Kind of funny how when we are young we think we are pretty sure of the answer, but then as we grow older we can become, in some ways, less and less confident about our identity.

That’s just part of growing up. Instead of knowing the answers to solve the world’s problems, we realize that the real awareness comes in knowing which questions to ask.

But it takes courage to ask those questions. It takes even more to accept the answers, whatever they may be.

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