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Choosing which hand to hold

Okay, I think by now it’s pretty obvious that I have some definite opinions on religious liberty and justice for all.

I guess it boils down the simple truth that if we value and want to keep our freedoms, then we must fight for everyone else’s.

To me, that would just take some common sense and reasonable thinking.

clownHowever, judging the current political circus, and the poll numbers showing the mania following it, we have our work cut out for us in finding those who could fit the bill.

I firmly believe that the only way we can be defeated is by our own hand.

To a point, that is why terrorism is so counter intuitive to its supposed objective: those who are attacked tend to unify in defending precisely that which was the terrorist’s target.

I guess if they were smart, they’d just leave us alone and watch us over the next year as we ignite another civil war over who should and shouldn’t be the next president.

We could argue it to be a good thing that they aren’t that smart; sadly, however, neither are we.

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