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Exercise: it’s a great way to cry

A few weeks ago a great friend posted the above-titled thought on her Facebook page. It stopped me in my tracks and I just stared at it.

For a long time.

I read some of the comments from others and I think perhaps the consensus was different from that which I had interpreted.


Isn’t that the magic of the written word? We are all able to pull from it what we need most at that particular moment in our lives.

This was helpful to me, and I’m grateful.

Obviously I’ve talked about our kids (A LOT) and you know that Nick is back in Hyde Park and bouncing off our familiar walls while singing at the top of his lungs. It’s great to spend this brief moment of eternity with him.

He joined Ann and me on our latest trek to the psychiatrist’s office in Salt Lake last week.

One of the first things he noticed was the amusement on our doctor’s face as I blew into the office as, well, only I can.

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