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Where do we learn to question?

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Dad, why does a spider spin its web?

Dad, why are the clouds shaped like a dinosaur?

Dad, why didn’t that cat make it across the road before it was squished?

cloud shapesThe questions of a child. When I was 3 or 4, (in the days when seatbelts were merely an accessory to be tucked back behind the seat, out of the way), I rode with my Dad in our truck. I stood on the seat bench, wedged between his right shoulder and the back of the seat.

And the world was open to me, moving by us almost faster than I could keep up with.


I’m not sure I even waited for the answers. Knowing me as I do, I probably provided most of them myself.

I was quite the fountain of knowledge.

My Dad called me his “commentator on board.”

I credit this foundation for the fact that today, I consider myself a question asker. I learned very young that a curious mind is a wonderful gift to be fed and protected.

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Are we asking the wrong questions?

unique2I am different from you.

You are different from me.unique

That’s a good thing.

There are things that you desire and hope for that I will probably never even think of. There are things that are critically important to me that you most likely find ridiculous.

Are you okay with that?

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