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Have we asked the refugees what it is they need?

I’ve become concerned the last few days over the anger regarding “what to do about the refugee problem.”

What concerns me more is some of the proposals that are being put out there.

And, of most concern, is that people are agreeing with these ideas.

american flagIt seems to me that these solutions are all about what we think is best for us – increased guarantee of protection from terrorism, or patting ourselves on the back for being so magnanimous.

It could certainly be a sign that we may be living more in fear and less in faith, more in pride and less in humility.

I’ve tried studying to gain a better understanding of the situation. The general consensus of the articles that make the most sense to me is that the real solution lies closer to where the refugees actually are, not about where we may or may not want them to be.

The argument shouldn’t be so much about what happens within our own borders, but more of what kind of change we can affect overseas.

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