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Winning collectively is determined by choosing individually

A wonderful friend from junior high years made me aware of the following talk by Elder Ronald Rasband:

Three things to do about religious freedom

Please take the time to read his remarks; they present clearly what I have been stumbling over.

I will take the liberty to quote several passages, but will try to be clear in distinguishing his clear message from my rambling thoughts.

He begins:

discussion“Because you are a sophisticated and intelligent audience, I intend to speak to you with the candor your generation craves. I suspect that for some of you the phrase religious freedom feels more like freedom to discriminate. I want to talk to you about this view and help you understand what the Church means when it talks religious freedom and why it is so vitally important for your future and for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

We must deeply value that he is speaking to us as if we are capable of rational thought, and take seriously the responsibility to actually step up to that expectation. Yesterday we may have been able to plead naïve innocence; but to ensure the security of the gospel tomorrow, we no longer have that luxury today.

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Winning the battle doesn’t have to mean we lose our soul

This past week in Utah the legislature began the process of approving SB 296 into law.

I am absolutely thrilled.

hand shakeObviously, I am thrilled for the content and collaboration and compromise of two previously polarized opposite sides. People of faith and people in the LGBT community are now standing side by side in recognition of the need to preserve the rights of everyone.

It is simply the right thing to do.

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