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Your life matters – to me

Black lives matter.

Blue lives matter.

All lives matter.

There is no argument that these are true statements.

So why is there so much controversy?

protest3I wonder if it is because we can’t get past the blanket of color or category to see into the personal life of a real person.

Perhaps we’d be better served to say:

Philando Castile’s life matters.

Brent Thompson’s life matters.

Cheyenne Stewart’s life matters.

It’s true that death doesn’t somehow hurt more if you are black, or a police officer, or an innocent child.

But it doesn’t hurt any less either.

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My New Year’s Prayer 

It was probably 15 years ago when I bought cheap lanyards for our store team to wear. I wanted something to hold the keys to the dressing rooms as well as laminated cards with reminders of the current store promotions.

Several of them had the letters WWJD repeated in bright colors.

I had no idea what it meant.


After my team laughed at my continuous naiveté, I decided we would still use them. Heck, I was never very good at political correctness anyway.

Now, perhaps not as naïve as I used to be, but still full of hope for mankind, I understand that it is in fact the real question that we have to be asking if we want to change the natural course of human events.

It’s the only question that can change human nature.

What would Jesus do?

Not just the Sunday School answers, but what would He really do? What DID He ACTUALLY do?

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Being lonely vs. being alone

This is part 2 of a 4-part series on Simplifying the Semantics of Suicide

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A friend posted a link to the story of Madison Holleran. It is an article about a young woman who committed suicide. I recommend the time to read it.

In digesting Madison’s story, you will see that she was smart, athletic, popular, in demand at several universities, and surrounded by family and friends who all cared deeply about her.

Madison was loved by so many.

But as near as I can tell, she did not feel she was loved by the one.

Let me explain:

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We’ve already crossed that bridge

A few days ago we talked about my tendency to cross bridges long before they have been built.

You know, that anxious ability to live bad things before they ever happen, if they ever happen.

But what about the bad things that have already happened?

I firmly testify that Heavenly Father can and has taken tough experiences and brought out blessings before unimagined.

I testify that He will continue to do so.

Ever heard of Coumadin Failure?

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Heavenly Father is my Dad

All images in this post are from the LDS Media Library

“Revelation is not an explanation; it’s a conclusion.”

– – Elder David A. Bednar, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

A returned missionary shared the above quote from words shared by Elder Bednar when he visited her mission.

Kind of stops you in your tracks as you try to wrap your head around it.

So many of us acknowledge and even testify that we know that God is our Father.

And He is.

But there are many views on just what that means in the type of relationship we seek to build with Him.

To begin, we always approach the throne of God humbly, on bended knee, only speaking softly and respectfully, in awe of the Heavenly King before us. His word is our command.

fatherhood5In a way, it mirrors our relationship with our earthly father. We are completely dependent, we are completely unaware of what lies ahead, we are completely under his loving control.

A young child needs but to hear a few words in their father’s deep timbre for him to have their full attention and usually they are quick to obey.

At least it works for a time.

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